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Partition, Remembrance, and the Numbing of the Diaspora

16 Aug , 2017  

Amongst the vast swathes of prime-time television documentaries, social media posts and online think pieces, […]


Partition of South Asia and British lust for empire

15 Aug , 2017  

This August marks 70 years since the partition of South Asia into India and Pakistan […]


The Soliloquy of a FTSE 100 Fat Cat

10 Aug , 2017  

[Drops newspaper on the floor] What is this obsession with my salary? Every day the […]


Go home Paki: The homecoming that was doomed to fail

3 Aug , 2017  

Having grown up to brown parents in an undeniably white country, it was always difficult […]


Coming home to myself: Belonging as a mixed heritage, queer, east Londoner

26 Jul , 2017  

Belonging makes you feel the opposite – Kim Latchford I was born in East London in […]


Conor McGregor, Billy Joe Saunders and the politics of oppression

19 Jul , 2017  

Two incidents have occurred recently in the world of combat sports which have highlighted the […]


Anne Marie Morris, and the nature of common sense racism in Britain

13 Jul , 2017  

Tory MP Anne Marie Morris was recently recorded using the phrase “n****r in the woodpile” […]


Tory support for public sector pay rise shows Labour now sets political debate

4 Jul , 2017  

After years of saying nothing about public sector workers and their pay, both Michael Gove […]


Black Skin, White Tutus

27 Jun , 2017  

The story of Giselle, a ballet first performed to rave reviews in 19th century Paris, […]


Question / Answer: Reflections on existing in perpetual limbo as the Other

21 Jun , 2017  

Immigrant. Thief. Alien. Other type of shit. Black-British. Convoluted. Hybrid. Substitute identity. English girl. What […]


Grenfell Tower fire is a turning point in British politics

20 Jun , 2017  

The death toll rises, the scandals mount and the public outcry grows. What happened to […]


Finsbury Park terror attack, Muslim lives and xenophobia in Britain

19 Jun , 2017  

*Photo credit: Thomas van Hulle Last night a white man drove a van into a crowd […]


White privilege and imagined communities

15 Jun , 2017  

Unfortunately much that is written and discussed about the ideas of white privilege and privilege […]


Media coverage of Theresa May has been sexist and infantilising

13 Jun , 2017  

A week is a long time in politics. Far from the resounding victory that Theresa […]