Jeremy Corbyn takes part in a Labour Party leadership hustings event in Warrington, north west England on July 25, 2015, hosted by journalist Paul Waugh. With Britain's political class starting its summer recess this week, commentators say Labour must consider whether it wants to be simply a principled opposition or a party with a real shot at power at the next general election in 2020. AFP PHOTO / PAUL ELLIS        (Photo credit should read PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)


#CorbynWins but Labour divisions remain

24 Sep , 2016  

As expected Jeremy Corbyn has romped to victory with just under 62% of the vote in the Labour Leadership election, increasing his mandate from last year. The victory came despite a huge effort from the Labour Party apparatus to prevent Corbyn retaining his position, with tactics ranging from disenfranchising members to calling upon former front bench […]



Khan misses the point with NYC terrorism comments

23 Sep , 2016  

Sadiq Khan made headlines during his visit to New York when he stated that terrorist attacks were now “part and parcel” of city life in places like London and New York. Yet Khan’s comments typically miss the point as he failed to expand on why attacks in cities like Brussels, Paris, London and New York had become […]



How we should remember and teach Britain’s dark LGBTQ history

22 Sep , 2016  

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn this week outlined his support for LGBTQ Britons with the launch of his LGBT Manifesto. Within the six page document Corbyn suggested plans to include LGBT history within the British curriculum if elected leader. Although several other manifesto pledges were also put forward the press happily portrayed this novel idea as […]



Why do so many in the media bemoan the no platform movement?

22 Sep , 2016  

A recent Guardian interview with NUS President Malia Bouattia brought up the debate on no platforms, which usually see a policy adopted, typically in student unions, whereby a vote is passed to prevent certain speakers from talking on site, hence the name no platform. The logic behind the move is really very simple (despite protestations from […]



UK will be on the wrong side of history regarding refugees

21 Sep , 2016  

Theresa May used her debut speech at the UN to outline her anti-migrant, anti-refugee stance. Knowing that Britain was far along the route taken by those coming to Europe, May argued that refugees should claim asylum in the first safe country they reach, a policy that would insulate Britain from any responsibility to take in refugees. Without any […]



Corbyn will win but what next?

20 Sep , 2016  

On Friday we will be graced with the results of the Labour Leadership election that has been wrangling on for months and whilst a lot of people have switched off from it, many in the media have been continuing to try and discredit Jeremy Corbyn, whilst trying to haplessly present Owen Smith as the peoples champ. […]



The precarious nature of whiteness

19 Sep , 2016  

What it means to be white is something that is often heavily contested when we delve into the realms of white privilege and more arbitery racial classifications. Typically we assume that anyone with light skin is white, but the connotations of “whiteness” go deeper, relating to Anglo-Saxon heritage, an ability to speak English as a […]

Deliveroo riders hold a protest over pay outside the company HQ in Torrington Place, London. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Thursday August 11, 2016. Photo credit should read: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire


Growing number of self-employed has radically altered British society

19 Sep , 2016  

Last week the Office for National Statistics revealed that the British public sector had shed over one million jobs since September 2009 to just 5.332 million, the lowest level since comparable records began in 1999. This means that the growth of the public sector ushered in by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown during the New […]



New Champions League deal mirrors global inequality issues

16 Sep , 2016  

Football often acts as an interesting microcosm of the rest of society due to its global appeal and increasing financialization and the latest UEFA announcement regarding the Champions League – the most watched footballing spectacle in the world – is a case in point. Under the new arrangement the top four teams from the top […]



How students can fight gentrification

15 Sep , 2016  

As the new academic year rolls around once again young people across the country are flocking to cities and towns to begin, or to return to, university life. For some students this move marks an exciting new chapter in their lives but for many students seeking cheap accommodation in a new place this new chapter […]