What stops us from eating more insects?

21 Oct , 2016  

Insects are delicious and with less water usage, land requirements, labour costs and overall environmental impact than traditional meat sources (cows, chicken, sheep, etc,) they are an objectively better food source for the planet. Insects also provide an incredible level of protein (proportionally much higher than other regularly-consumed animals) and for many people across the world […]



Ipso ruling on Kelvin MacKenzie is an insult

21 Oct , 2016  

Islamophobic abuse has risen 326% but don’t tell that to press regulator Ipso who concluded that Kalvin MacKenzie  (the Sun columnist who was complicit in covering up the Hillsborough disaster and laying the blame for the tragedy at the feet of Liverpool supporters) was within his rights to question Channel 4 for allowing Fatima Manji […]

David Davies, MP for Monmouthshire at the Conservative Spring Forum at the Welsh Conservative Conference in Cardiff, Wales.


Tories want to check your teeth as price of admission to enter UK

19 Oct , 2016  

Yesterday Guardian columnist Owen Jones succinctly wrote that whilst Ukip may no longer be an electoral force, its policies would live on through the Conservative Party and, it should be stressed, Labour. And within 24 hours Jones’ analysis was painfully confirmed by the ramblings of David Davies, MP for Monmouth, when he commented on the arrival of a […]



Brexit, Bregret and global political disorder

18 Oct , 2016  

So we’re running out of Marmite, PG Tips and Pot Noodles. There’s a joke there I’m sure but it ain’t coming to me. But seriously, with the pound falling to a 168 year low according to the Financial Times, wholesale provider Unilever has tried to increase its prices to make up for exchange rate loses […]

Former mayor of London Ken Livingstone is surrounded media outside Millbank in Westminster, London, as Jeremy Corbyn is facing intense pressure to suspend his close ally after he defended the actions of an MP suspended over an anti-Semitism row.


Do MPs think anti-Semitism is the only racism?

17 Oct , 2016  

Yesterday the cross-party Home Affairs Select Committee published a report highlighting the breadth of perceived anti-Semitism within the Labour Party and took swipes at Jeremy Corbyn in the process. The MP for Islington was accused of encouraging a climate which fostered anti-Semitism because of his lack of “consistent leadership” on the issue (despite calling for […]

Theresa May


Building barriers to the NHS does more than just create a hostile environment, it costs lives

14 Oct , 2016  

Nearly three years have passed since the then Home Secretary and now Prime Minister famously committed herself and her government to the creation of a “hostile environment” for “illegal”* migrants in the UK. Since then the UK has reinforced and multiplied its inland borders, galvanising existing legislation to make border guards out of teachers, landlords, […]



Russia, Syria and Tory hypocrisy

12 Oct , 2016  

Recently there has been widespread condemnation of Russia by various British political figures relating to last month’s attack on a UN aid envoy that took place in the city of Aleppo, a key battleground in the current war. Andrew Mitchell commented that Russia was acting like “Nazis“, whilst Boris Johnson began championing human rights to declare that we […]



Gerard Piqué and national identity in Spain

12 Oct , 2016  

After the Spanish national team beat Albania 2-0 away from home, all appeared well for the two-time European champions until fans’ comments online started a debate around Gerard Piqué’s shirt sleeves. The Barcelona defender and open supporter of an independent Catalonia has been the subject of boos and abuse from national team supporters in the […]

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The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse is a shambles

11 Oct , 2016  

The Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse began on July 7th 2014 to investigate widespread accusations of child abuse amongst the British establishment. The inquiry had the potential to send shockwaves through UK politics with some of the accused holding key positions within government, the media and even the Royal Family; but in the two years since the process began, little […]



Of course the British national anthem should be banned

10 Oct , 2016  

A public debate has been sparked by the recent calls from Kings College London (KCL) students to ban the national anthem at graduation. KCL welfare officer Mahamed Abdullahi said that God Save the Queen should be banned in the “context of increasing far right nationalism across Europe and the legacy of the British empire.” Abdullahi’s statements […]