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Decolonising Partition: 70 Years On

Sun 30 Jul
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Decolonising Partition

Decolonising Partition: Violence towards women's bodies

#PopesNotes - High Court Brexit ruling

#PopesNotes - Iceland's Pirate Party and Europe's new political movements

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Being labelled white and privileged is not an insult, it is a fact

4 Mar , 2015  

By Mike Pope @mikepopeonline Being told you are privileged, even if it is true, is […]



Samir Jeraj Housing Crisis Interview: ‘London will become exclusively for the rich’

26 Feb , 2015  

For East is East’s episode on the housing crisis Peter Yeung interviewed Samir Jeraj, a […]


White voices condemned racist act but protected racist system

23 Feb , 2015  

By Amit Singh @asingh11189 Last weeks newspapers were dominated with the same headlines. All of […]

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Divest Football: Why is it important for football to disassociate with fossil fuels?

18 Feb , 2015  

Football is undoubtedly a global game. The Premier League boasts a total viewership of 4.7bn people […]

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£5.14bn TV rights deal continues to highlight how football puts profit before people

17 Feb , 2015  

The major footballing news last week was the record Premier League TV rights deal involving Sky […]

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East is East, Listen

East is East: The Housing Crisis in East London (and beyond)

16 Feb , 2015  

The second episode of East is East presented by Amit Singh and Peter Yeung. On […]

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Kurt Barling Interview: ‘The BBC is the medium of the elites’

11 Feb , 2015  

For East is East’s debut episode on Diversity Peter Yeung interviewed Kurt Barling, a leading […]


Listen, The London Interview

The London Interview 007: Toby Peach talks Old Vic and Edinburgh Fringe

10 Feb , 2015  

In the latest episode of the London Interview Mike Pope speaks to Toby Peach about […]

Listen, The London Interview

The London Interview: Episode One

3 Feb , 2015  

Debut of The London Interview on Shoreditch Radio – guest Amit Singh Editor of Think […]

East is East, Listen

East is East: Diversity in the media (or lack thereof)

3 Feb , 2015  

The very first episode of East is East, a podcast of cultural critique broadcasting from […]