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As of January 2017, we now publish a quarterly print magazine.

Our first issue focussed on mental health and the ways in which our mental well-being is affected by our day to day interactions with the world around us. This issue explores addiction, race, gender and the body through personal narratives, essays, comics, poetry and art.

Our second print magazine explores ideas of belonging, critiquing the wider social and capitalist structures that include some and exclude others. Through personal stories, poetry and essays, this issue aims to shed light on the complexity of identity in modern day Britain.

The third magazine in our print series will focus on gender, forming an intersectional collection of work that brings together analysis and critique of historical systems of oppression. This issue will be available from July 2017.

We don’t claim to be lifting anyone out of poverty with the money currently on offer, but with your support we are able to pay everyone who helps put the magazine together, be it the illustrators, writers or designers (even ourselves), and in a monied world where jobs are increasingly precarious and even unpaid, that means a lot.

The magazine costs £7.50 plus £2.50 for delivery. We take no money from advertisers or funding from organisations so we are totally independent thanks to you all.

There is an extra charge for international orders.

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