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Iain Duncan Smith resigns: The Grim Reaper is gone

18 Mar , 2016  

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Steve Topple is an independent journalist and commentator on domestic and global politics and social issues. He has written for The Independent, Morning Star, The CommonSpace, openDemocracy, Middle East Monitor and is resident at Consented.

So, Iain Duncan-Smith, the literal “Grim Reaper” of 21st century British politics, has resigned.

In a career as Secretary of State for Work and Pensions that has spanned six years, he has had a long and illustrious reign of disapproval, disdain, disgust, disparagement and disregard for the most vulnerable people in society, which has shown stunning mercilessness towards those who have been unable to conform to his vision of “social justice” – or to you and me, anyone he considers a lesser human being than himself.

This contemptuous bastard of a man has overseen “welfare reforms” that would have made Thatcher blush – from the changing of the Disability Living Allowance to “Personal Independence Payments”, repeated attacks on Employment and Support Allowance, and the utterly disgusting abolishment of the Independent Living Fund.

He was responsible for the “Work Programme” that gave multinational companies the opportunity to use welfare claimants essentially as slaves to do the menial task they couldn’t be bothered to pay someone properly to do – and in turn gave the Prime Minister’s unemployment figures a Soho-standard massage at the same time.

His welfare reforms were arguably some of the most nefarious of the last Government, with attempts to make it “harder for sick and disabled people to claim benefits” and an intentional stepping-up of the sanctions regime within the DWP, not to mention the wholly unfair changes to work capability assessments provided by Atos, then Maximus.

The man who wanted to introduce a week of “celebrations” over the “success” of benefit sanctions, and who claimed he could live on £53 a week, was also responsible for the benefit cap, which has thrown countless more families into poverty, and been the subject to numerous high-court appeals, some saying it may well breach the UN convention on the rights of the child.

Speaking of the UN, due to his “reforms” the UK is currently under not one, but two investigations by the United Nations for possible breaches of human rights due to Duncan-Smith’s “reforms” – something else he may wish to add to his now world-renowned horseshit CV.

He will, of course be best known for the odious bedroom tax, which has seen rent arrears rocket, people forced to leave their family home after decades, and at times left people homeless and sleeping in tents. Even after a court recently ruled that some cases were unlawful, this petulant fucker still saw fit to appeal the judge’s rulings

But his crowning glory, after six years of “public service”, must be the possible 10,000 or more people that have died after being declared “fit for work” by his department, and the thousands more who have killed themselves after being left with literally nothing to live for after their benefits were stopped due to his upscaling of the sanctions regime.

Frances McCormack, aged 53, was harassed by authorities following the death of her son, Jack Allen, who killed himself aged 16 in 2013. An eviction notice arrived on the same day her body was found, on August 10, 2015 – she had hanged herself on the same spot her son had died, after facing the prospect of losing her home under the bedroom tax rules. A handwritten note addressed to Prime Minister David Cameron was found in her bedroom, describing the hardship the tax had caused.

So, after six years of systematically punishing the most vulnerable in society, why has this utter cunt suddenly resigned now – citing that the proposed slashing of PIP is “not defensible in the way they were placed within a Budget that benefits higher earning taxpayers?


Has he found a conscience? Found God? Found a reformed character somewhere in that snivelling wretch of a soul?

Do not be fooled by this despicable fucker for a moment – if circumstances were different, he would be outside his local JCP office, cheering as people in wheelchairs and on crutches were herded in like cattle, forced to search for work because their PIPs could no longer provide them with even the basic necessities of life.

This is a politically tactical move on his behalf, for a number of reasons.

His department has recently been forced by a court to again release documents relating to the shambolic Universal Credit – for the third time; his appeal over the bedroom tax is most likely going to lose, and when the PIP reforms come crashing down (which, with an open rebellion in the Tory party over them is a distinct possibility) he would, of course, be Gideon’s sacrificial lamb, as the Chancellor-cum-PM-in-waiting is by no stretch of the imagination going to take the flack himself.

But this is also the self-serving, cretinously cynical IDS delivering a sucker-punch to the Government over the EU referendum. Openly euro-sceptical, and openly campaigning for a “Leave” vote, he blasted senior colleagues two weeks ago over “spin, smears and threats” that will have consequences beyond the referendum, “bullying” and “scaremongering”.

“The acrimonious manner in which all this has been conducted is troubling and will, I fear, have consequences beyond June 23”, he wrote for the Daily Mail.

He is hedging his bets on two things.

One – that if Cameron loses the referendum vote he will be out as PM, Osborne will likely succeed him and that, as a “Vote Leave” supporter he himself will be out of a job; two – that if the Prime Minister wins the EU referendum he will be out of a job anyway for openly rebelling. He’s fucked either way, and knows it – so is weasely trying to sneak off, before he gets booted out.

But, he is also possibly thinking more broadly – that by putting the boot in Cameron and Osborne, he may take the wheels off that particular clown car, and give some leverage to his fellow Eurosceptic chum BoJo.

Either way, this apparent “change of heart” over welfare reforms should not be believed. In any way, shape or form. But do not be fooled, either, that this suddenly lets the Tories off the hook, as there are countless other festering cunts lurking in the background to take his place – and will they be just as cruel as he was.

Iain Duncan-Smith has been one of the cruellest, most despicable members of Parliament in my living memory. To say he has blood personally on his hands over the deaths of tens of thousands of people – directly owing to his “welfare reforms” – may be hyperbole. But it reflects the personal opinion of this writer, and I’m pretty sure countless others across the UK.

So good fucking riddance – you pathetic excuse for a fellow human-being.

I hope you never have to feel even an iota of the misery you have inflicted on so many people’s lives, because I would not wish that upon anyone – even though you so obviously do.

Iain Duncan-Smith – an utterly horrible bastard.

19 Responses

  1. BK says:

    A vile, vicious, vindictive former member of one vile, vicious and vindictive club who wants to be in an even more vile, vicious and vindictive government in the future. The only punishment that would work on this slime is to have to see a population embrace the politics he despises.

    I hope it may come true.

  2. Faringdon says:

    Good analysis and I agree with all of it. Only thing is, IDS has been the Tories’ rottweiler for some time now; he’s at heart an Essex bovver boy. Will he really support Boris? Boris must represent everything IDS hates: decadent, too clever by half, rich boy who inherited everything IDS has had to claw his way to, arrogant and very condescending to the likes of IDS. Who would support IDS after all?

    • Steve says:

      Since when has IDS had to work for anything? He married into money and has achieved nothing on his own.

  3. He will be hurting inside now, knowing that with each day that passes he himself has opted out of the chance and the satisfaction taken in maiming, killing and cutting people down.

  4. Gareth Evans says:

    who ever takes over at the DWP is going to inherit an almighty mess and over £6B in PFI interest payments for a universal credit system that actually makes the whole process of paying benefits more expensive and less viable.
    Career suicide for whoever takes it so I expect that David Cameron will strong arm someone on the Brexit side into place, that means alas that we may see yet another swivel eyed loon, probably, Priti Patel in charge. a woman so gormless she has yet to realise the damage her invective on the laziness and poor education of the British worker has on the ability of British Companies to gain contracts abroad.

  5. Rhisiart Gwilym says:

    Call him by his proper name: Ian Duncan-Himmler – after the actual hatchet-man of the Final Solution.

  6. Gorlagon says:

    So, who will replace?

    Dickensian eugenicist he may have been, but the thing with IDS was that he actually believed in Dickensian eugenics. They don’t have another one of those in the cupboard. The smoothest of manufactured PR man politicians couldn’t make this agenda look appealing and the alternative can only be a headbanging member of the Borg Collective like Priti Patel. But whoever it is will have to admit that UC is undeliverable nationally and has wasted something approaching £20bn. Meaning that, for all the cuts, not one solitary penny has been saved on welfare. Surely even Patel wouldn’t be up for that?

  7. Tim Arnold says:

    Whilst I’m glad he’s resigned, I won’t be truly happy until I’m dancing on his grave. He’s a pitiful excuse for a living organism.

  8. Rhona Welsh says:

    Possibly the only true words on the repugnant creature’s curriculum vitae will be his proud boasting that he has not one but two investigations running via The United Nations for possible breaches of human rights ?

  9. John evans says:

    Thank god this evil fucker isn’t going to make any more bad decisions that cost the lives of the most needy one final word good riddens you #cunt

  10. Jonathan Connell says:

    This article gets it spot on, the freedom of information requests are getting to close for Dunked In Shit, and all the crocodile tears for the disabled are the biggest crock of shit he has spoken so far, he was sending emails to back benchers & pleading with them to vote for his immoral cuts to the most vulnerable!

  11. I agree totally with your assessment of this odious man Steve, but what everyone is forgetting is that this man is psychopath with no conscience or empathy at all. Whatever happens now, he really couldn’t give a toss. The only thing that exists in his world is himself.

  12. This sub-human bag of shit whose countenance and voice was enough to make me retch, as a Brit ex-pat living well away from the hell hole that the UK has become, and believe me its going to get worse, I would love to meet IDS for 5mins. and I would smash his face to pulp and then piss in the fucker’s face, and then stamp on his reptilian head.

  13. treborc disabled says:

    But you have to add the Tories are just as much to blame Cameron is the leader, he loves what IDS has done to people like me Not forgetting Labour backed PIP’s Miliband .

    Politics is in the gutter and politician cannot get it out, look at American anti Political showing us Trump and Clinton .

    We are still see theft of Expenses and still not court as labour MP@s steal £11,000 if Idid that with welfare benefits 5 years in prison politician pay it back.

  14. Excellent take on events. Now we know his replacement is Crabb, who has a reputation for supporting curing!!!! Homosexuality???? Another EUGENICIST??? Echo’s of another regime that persecuted the sick and disabled long before the FINAL SOLUTION and also persecuted gay people. The future, barring a national revolt, looks set to continue

    • Minx140 says:

      I cannot agree more with this article. IDS has effectively ground down the values of people that need the extra help when things get tough. I know only too well what effects his ESA policies have had. My partner suddenly had his stopped with no prior warning due to being in the WRAG in 2013. He was already having other medical issues but we never envisaged the events of Sept 10th 2013 when he suffered a stroke. Our lives are forever changed. A once proud and independent man is now disabled. Our future plans gone in an instant. Yes we receive PIP at the fully enhanced rates but that is no pleasure for us. Yes, we have just undergone the degrading assessment for a renewal, and yes, my now husband has had a 10 year
      award with full enhancements. I gave up my job to become his full time carer and receive the paltry Carer’s Allowance. Great. Brilliant. I’d rather have a healthy husband and be able to enjoy days out like we used to. I can’t tell you how much I hate IDS and the Tory party for their diabolical policies. I despise each and every one of them! May they all rot in hell as far as I’m concerned.

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